African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship By Lund University – Sweden

Lund University, Sweden is offering a fully funded scholarship at bachelor's and master's level for high-achieving African students and renowned research-oriented ARUA member universities.


Lund University, Sweden is offering a fully funded scholarship at bachelor’s and master’s level for high-achieving African students and renowned research-oriented ARUA member universities. The purpose of this merit-based ARUA Scholarship Programme is to provide financial support to prospective students who have demonstrated academic excellence at one of the ARUA member universities.

Table of Contents

  1. Eligible Countries / ARUA Universities
  2. Application Period
  3. Programs and Courses
  4. Application Steps
  5. Application and Selection Procedure
  6. Dates to Remember
  7. FAQs

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  1. Eligible Countries / ARUA Universities

The following universities countries are eligible for the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship offered by Lund University, Sweden.

  • Université de Kinshasa – Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Addis Ababa University – Ethiopia
  • University of Ghana – Ghana
  • University of Nairobi – Kenya
  • University of Mauritius – Mauritius
  • University of Ibadan – Nigeria
  • University of Lagos – Nigeria
  • University of Rwanda – Rwanda
  • Université Cheikh Anta Diop – Senegal
  • Rhodes University – South Africa
  • University of Cape Town – South Africa
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa
  • University of Pretoria – South Africa
  • University of Stellenbosch – South Africa
  • University of Witwatersrand – South Africa
  • University of Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania
  • Makerere University – Uganda

Note: The list of universities and countries for ARUA members given above may not reflect the latest changes. For the latest amendments, please check the ARUA website for the most up-to-date list.

  1. Application Period

The application Period for the Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship 2024/25 will open in early February 2024.

Note: The applicants from the above eligible universities who have completed an application for an international degree program at Lund University as their first choice will be notified by email when the scholarship application period opens.

  1. Programs and Courses

The programmes and courses offered under the Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship are given in

  1. Application Steps


  • All eligible students are required to apply online using the National University Admissions in Sweden website se.
  • Find your degree program or course from the list given at
  • Sign up and create an account at se.
  • Fill necessary information and submit your supporting documents (Academic degree/transcripts, proof of English Language, Passport, and other required documents)
  • Pay the compulsory application fee. With the application fee, the application will not be processed.
  1. Application and Selection Procedure


  • To apply for an Alliance (ARUA) scholarship, the applicant from eligible universities/countries must first have applied for an international degree program at Lund University, Sweden that the applicant wishes to study and for which the applicant is eligible.
  • Make sure the program is your first choice in your application account at se. This will give you the best chance of admission and is a prerequisite for an Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship.
  • The application deadline for studies is 15 January and the deadline for the application fee and required supporting documents is in early February.
  • Once you have received the email with the link to the Alliance (ARUA) scholarship application portal in February, you can apply for an ARUA Scholarship.
  • You apply online via the Lund University Scholarship application portal. To be considered for the Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship, you must upload a personal scholarship motivation video (maximum 1 minute) to an open source video sharing platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and must include the video link in the application form.
  • The Alliance (ARUA) scholarship selection process runs in parallel with the program/degree selection process. Priority will be given to those eligible international students either undergraduate or graduate school scholarships with excellent academic performance, who
    • Are judged to be a good fit for the program they have applied for at Lund University, Sweden
    • Show a strong commitment and desire to study the eligible program at Lund University, Sweden and
    • Have selected a program/course at Lund University, Sweden as their first choice when applying at
  • If you have applied for the Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship, you will receive an email from Lund University, Sweden about the election results shortly after the admission results are announced. If you are selected for the Alliance (ARUA) scholarship, the information will include the scholarship benefits and further instructions.
  • When an Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship is offered and to receive the scholarship, you must:
    • Accept the scholarship within the time frame specified in your award letter from Lund University, Sweden
    • Accept your study place at Lund University, Sweden according to the instructions received from the University
    • Please Note: acceptance for the Alliance (ARUA) Scholarship is mandatory within the given time frame otherwise you will be automatically considered ineligible for the scholarship.


  1. Dates to Remember:

International Students applying for international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs in English have the following application periods:

  • Mid-October to 15 January for studies starting in the autumn semester (August / September). This is the main application round for all international programs available at Lund University, Sweden. Please note that the programs in Fine Arts and Music are open for applications at a later stage.
  • Early June to 15 August for studies starting in the spring semester (January). Please note that only a few programs start in the spring semester each year. Therefore, applicants are advised to apply in the main application round which is the autumn semester (August / September) for better chances to avail scholarships.
  1. FAQs


  • Where is Lund University situated?

Lund University is a public research university situated in the city of Lund in the province of Scania, Sweden.

  • What is the ranking of Lund University?

#= 85 is the ranking of Lund University as per QS World University Ranking making it the best university around the globe.

  • What is the acceptance rate for international students at Lund University?

34 % is the acceptance rate at Lund University, Sweden.

  • How many faculties are there at Lund University?

The Lund University has been divided into nine faculties.

  • Faculties of Humanities and Theology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • School of Aviation
  • School of Economics and Management
  • Is Sweden a good place for international students?

Yes, Sweden is a good place to study for international students due to its culture, English-taught programs, free education, medical, etc.

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