Masters and PhD in China

The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talent 2024

ANSO (Alliance of International Science Organization) is a non-profit, non-governmental international scientific organization founded in 2018 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 36 other international science and education institutions from around the world. The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talent 2024. ANSO came into being under the principles of “joint consultation, joint effort, and joint sharing” championed by the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative”.
ANSO is committed to promoting shared development, sustainable development, and the advancement of the UN SDGs through catalyzing and implementing concrete international cooperation initiatives in Science, Technology & Innovation, and Capacity Building (STIC). It is envisaged that ANSO will focus attention on the investigation and addressing of the most urgent regional and global scientific challenges. This focus includes supporting the needs and scientific capacity building of the Global South through partnerships and cooperation with the member countries and institutions.
ANSO is an international organization designed to win global recognition and support through continuous activity, sound scientific programs and actions, and success in addressing global needs and challenges.

Recommended: EPOS: Beijing Institute of Technology Scholarships: Master’s/PhD 2024

Awarding Country:  China

Eligible Countries:  International Students

Program Level:  Masters and PhD

No. of Students: 200 students for Master’s and 300 students for PhD

Programs: Available Programs at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) or the Institute of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) around China

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Should be an International student
  • Should be proficient in English or Chinese
  • For Master’s Program: Candidate should be born before 1st January 1994 (Inclusive)
  • For PhD Program: Candidate should be born before 1st January 1989 (inclusive)
  • Should meet admission criteria of USTC/UCAS
  • Eligible candidates should NOT take up other assignments during the period of his/her scholarship
  • The candidate is NOT eligible for Master or PhD scholarship if he/she is currently pursuing a master’s or PhD degree at any institute in China.

NOTE: A candidate is required to apply either for USTC or UCAS, otherwise he/she will be disqualified from admission.

Application Procedure:

  1. Application Materials
  2. Application Portal:

Timeline: The ANSO Scholarship 2024 is open for application on 20th of October 2023 with the 15th of February 2024.

Award Details:

1Tuition feeTuition fee
2Stipend: 3,000/- CNY per month, up to 36 monthsStipend: 6,000/- or 7,000/-CNY per month 9depending on whether the award has passed the qualification test arranged by the University), up to 48 months
3Health InsuranceHealth Insurance
4Application fee waiverApplication fee waiver
5Airfare (one trip)Airfare (one trip)
6One-time visa / residence permit allowanceOne-time visa / residence permit allowance

Official Link:  Alliance of International Science Organizations