CHED Scholarships 2024 for Filipino Students!

Many students study in the Philippines because of its excellent programs, affordable costs, friendly people, and fantastic culture. The Filipino education system is mandatory from age five to eighteen, similar to the US system.
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Many students study in the Philippines because of its excellent programs, affordable costs, friendly people, and fantastic culture. The Filipino education system is mandatory from age five to eighteen, similar to the US system. The government provides scholarships to dedicated and needy students, including CHED. This article is a complete guide for Filipino students who want to apply for CHED scholarships!

This blog post will make different aspects of these Filipino scholarships more apparent. It will cover everything you need to learn about CHED scholarships, from the introduction to the application process, benefits, and selection criteria. If you are also among the students on this list, stick here until the last word to find the more complete information.

A Little About CHED Scholarships

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Great news for qualified Filipino students: the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) offers scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year through programs like the CHED Merit Scholarship Program (CMSP). Established under Republic Act No. 7722 (Higher Education Act of 1994), CHED aims to improve Philippine higher education.

Furthermore, the CMSP targets incoming first-year students enrolled in approved public or private universities and colleges (HEIs). This program primarily provides full or partial scholarships to deserving students, especially those facing economic challenges.

Types of CHED Scholarships: Something for Everyone!

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CHED offers many incredible scholarship programs, each with its unique mission. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular ones:

Merit Scholarship Program (CMSP): For academic champions, this course of study is comparable to a gold medal. Suppose you are a high school student about to graduate with excellent marks (at least 93%). In that case, you may qualify for full or partial funding to pursue any priority program at a public or private university recognized by CHED.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship: This initiative provides aspiring mathematicians, scientists, and engineers opportunities to pursue careers in these stimulating fields. This scholarship could be your best option if you excel in arithmetic and problem-solving.

Scholarship Program for PWDs (Students with Disabilities): CHED believes everyone should have access to a top-notch education, regardless of their circumstances. This initiative supports people with disabilities by providing financial assistance for their college education.

Various CHED scholarships are accessible according to your circumstances and preferences; these are numerous options. Therefore, the first thing to do is review your alternatives and select the program that best fits your needs.

Benefits of CHED Scholarships

All educational scholarships aim to enhance the educational opportunities for students passionate about improving themselves. This is why scholarships are always beneficial, and CHED is no exception. It has various benefits, some of which are the following.

  • Reduces students’ financial burden by paying for tuition and other school-related costs.
  • Allows students to concentrate on their academics by providing money for living needs.
  • Aids students in keeping connected for online learning and in affording course supplies.
  • It opens doors to higher education for deserving students from all backgrounds.
  • It helps students focus on their academic performance by easing their financial concerns.

Who Can Apply for CHED Scholarships?

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Many students are concerned about whether they can apply for these scholarships. Since more information is needed, we have added it here. If you are among such students, this passage is also a good fit for you!

  • Citizenship: Your identity and citizen card must contain the name of the Philippines.
  • Educational Background: Most programs accept students who have graduated from high school, while some may have particular criteria, such as being in the top percentile in your class.
  • Academic Performance: Excellent grades are necessary! Each program has a minimal GPA criterion; this might change based on the scholarship.
  • Financial Need: Financially disadvantaged students are given priority in some programs, indicating that they require financial support.
  • Course Selection: Many CHED scholarships require enrollment in priority programs the commission selects. Moreover, the national goals for the growth of science, technology, and education are usually in line with these initiatives.

Requirements for CHED Scholarships

Once you’ve identified the perfect scholarship program, it’s time to gather your application weapons! While specific requirements might vary slightly, here’s a general list of what you’ll likely need:

  • Official Transcript: You require this document to showcase your academic performance in high school.
  • Good Moral Character Certificate: You also need to prove that you have good ethics and gained excellent morals with your character, so you will also require a character certificate.
  • Recommendation Letters: A positive teacher review can significantly impact your application, making recommendation letters crucial.
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Indigency: To prove that you are eligible for scholarship help, several programs may ask for documentation of your family’s financial circumstances.
  • Application Form: Here, you will discuss your educational history, your future aspirations, and your qualifications for the scholarship.

How Many Seats Are Available for CHED Scholarships in 2024-2025?

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According to the GMA News, all regional offices nationwide have an equal share of the 1,374 slots available. The full or partial scholarship provided to qualifying Filipino students under the CMSP covers stipends for living costs up to the conclusion of the degree program, book and internet allowances, tuition and other school fees, and living expenses.

The Application Process

Now, when you have finally found the ideal CHED scholarship opportunity and are ready to apply, you must complete an application form. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in completing the application:

  • Gather Your Documents: The first and foremost step while applying for any plan is to complete your documents. So, gather your educational certificates and recommendation letters.
  • Fill and Submit the Application: It’s time to complete the application form. So, complete it and showcase your academic achievements and future goals in the application to increase your chances of being selected.
  • Meet the Deadline: Remember to submit your application! Failure to do so could mean you miss out on your scholarship dreams.
  • Wait Patiently: After submitting your application, it’s time to wait and see if you’ve been chosen. Stay positive, and keep your fingers crossed!

Selection Process: How Does CHED Choose Its Scholars?

You’re prepared to go forward now that you’ve discovered the ideal CHED scholarship opportunity! The following steps will assist you in navigating the application process:

  • Get Your Files Ready: All the paperwork you’ll need for your application should be gathered here. Consider submitting any supporting documentation for the program you’re applying for, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation from teachers.
  • Fill out Form and Apply: The application form must be completed now. It is essential to showcase your academic accomplishments and future aspirations while being truthful and thorough.
  • Reach the Final Deadline: Remember to submit your application by the deadline! If you miss it, your scholarship ambitions might be lost.
  • Be patient: After submitting your application, you must wait to find out if you were selected. Keep your fingers crossed, and have an optimistic outlook!

CHED looks for brilliant, passionate, dedicated, and committed students who want to use their education to positively impact the Philippines.


A great way to start your journey toward a bright future in the Philippines is with a CHED scholarship. If you’re a motivated Filipino student who loves learning, check out these fantastic scholarships! Remember that the little time and research you put in today might significantly impact your future. Some more ideas to help you stay inspired are provided below. Starting the application process for a CHED scholarship is similar to sowing the seeds of your future prosperity. Your college aspirations come true if you put in the necessary commitment, effort, and help from these excellent programs.

When is the last day to apply for a CHED grant?

Different deadlines apply for CHED scholarships depending on the particular curriculum. The CHED Merit Scholarship Program (CMSP) application period runs from June to July. It would help if you verified the deadlines for any program you are considering by visiting the official CHED website ( or contacting the appropriate CHED regional office.

Is it a requirement to be a high school graduate to apply?

While some CHED scholarship programs are reserved for first-year students, others may have different prerequisites. Therefore, carefully check the program information to determine if your academic status qualifies.

Despite my imperfect GPA, I’m a good student. Do I still qualify for a CHED scholarship?

A strong personal statement, interest in the community, extracurricular activities, and academic standing are just a few things that some programs may consider in addition to your GPA. Make an effort to highlight all of your abilities and talents.

What happens if I lose my scholarship during my studies?

Maintaining a specific academic status and adhering to program criteria are prerequisites for most CHED scholarships. However, failure to comply may result in scholarship termination. So, examine the particular program restrictions to understand the requirements and possible outcomes.

What is the difference between Merit-based and need-based scholarships?

Merit-based vs. Need-Based Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships reward academic achievements, while need-based prioritize students facing financial hardship. Think of it as achievement vs. financial need.