Filipino Scholarships: The Philippines Fully/Partially Funded scholarship program for international

Did you know that the education system in the Philippines is among the best in Asia? According to educations, the total population of this country is 106 Million, while the number of international students there is 26,000. These figures clarify the impact of the education system there
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Did you know that the education system in the Philippines is among the best in Asia? According to educations, the total population of this country is 106 Million, while the number of international students there is 26,000. These figures clarify the impact of the education system there. However, scholarships significantly impact and improve students’ academic levels. If you are looking for partially/fully funded Filipino scholarships, this blog post is a very accurate place. Here, we will talk about the top ten scholarships.

Top Filipino Scholarships

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There is good news for students: the education system in the Philippines is relatively inexpensive compared with many other countries. In addition, the government and universities provide scholarships, some of which are fully funded. Another good news is that learning programs in the Philippines come in all shapes and sizes! Here are some exciting Filipino scholarship options to explore:

University-Specific Scholarships

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Several colleges provide scholarships for overseas students. It’s a good idea to visit the websites of colleges you’re interested in because these scholarships differ in name and focus. Their offices for international students can also be a fantastic source of information about scholarships and how to apply.

Country-specific Scholarships

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Does your nation provide programs for study abroad in the Philippines? Many countries offer scholarships as a component of agreements to support cross-cultural learning and education. So, to inquire about the existence of such a program, contact the Philippine embassy in your nation or the scholarship office of your government.

Global Scholarships

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Do you have an ambitious feeling? Even fully-funded Global scholarships are available for overseas students who wish to study anywhere globally, including the Philippines! These esteemed scholarships usually cover travel, lodging, tuition, and occasionally living expenses. However, look for plans that prestigious colleges, global organizations, and the government offer.

CHED Scholarship Programs

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CHED offers scholarship programs for international students in the Philippines. These programs provide financial assistance to qualified individuals. Specifically, the CHED Merit Scholarship Program (CMSP) targets deserving Filipino students, including those from special groups. Additionally, scholarships are available for teaching and non-teaching personnel through the Professional Advancement Grants under the K to 12 Transition Program. Furthermore, Sciences Po offers CHED scholarships to a limited number of Filipino students admitted to Masters or PhD programs annually, enhancing opportunities for educational advancement.

DOST Scholarships

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The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) offers various scholarship programs to support international students pursuing studies in the Philippines. These programs provide financial assistance and opportunities for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, international students can benefit from DOST scholarships to pursue degrees in science and technology, contributing to their academic and career advancement. Therefore, these scholarships promote educational diversity and foster collaboration among students from different countries, enriching the learning environment.

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries

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Asia-Pacific postgraduate courses are more affordable for students from poor nations because of the ADB-Japan Scholarship. It provides business, science, and other subjects programs and pays for living expenses and tuition. This initiative and general development results aid the education of these nations’ citizens.

Star Scholarship at De La Salle University, Philippines

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A unique opportunity to excel in your undergraduate studies and enter a master’s or law school immediately on scholarship is provided by De La Salle University’s Star Scholarship Program! However, this curriculum is about more than simply grades. Notable people from all walks of life are what we’re searching for. Star Scholars receive exceptional financial support and fantastic benefits like career counseling and foreign language instruction. It’s your opportunity to achieve academic success, hone your skills, and change the world.

Entrance Scholarships at National Teachers College

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Academic rock heroes are receiving high fives from National Teachers College! Their Entrance Scholarships can be the ideal choice if you’re a student who has excelled academically and might need more cash. In addition, the amount of these scholarships varies based on your requirements. Plus, NTC aims to support exceptional students like yourself in pursuing their academic goals, being involved in the community, and affording an excellent education!

Jose Rizal Scholarship

Only Filipino nationals are eligible for the Jose Rizal Scholarship at Malayan Colleges Laguna. This award supports students taking courses in the NSTP. It pays tribute to the memory of Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, by advancing the institution’s guiding principles of leadership, service, and education. The scholarship recipients benefit from financial aid to further their education, enhancing their and their communities’ quality of life. It offers Filipino residents a fantastic chance to access high-quality education and a beneficial social influence.

Commonwealth Foods Inc. Scholarship

The University of the Philippines, Manila, offers a cash award called the Commonwealth Foods Inc. Scholarship to assist undergraduate students in their academic endeavors. The scholarship offers qualified applicants a substantial reward of P12,000.00 every semester. Besides, it helps worthy people by easing the financial load of education, enabling them to concentrate on their studies and meet their academic objectives. As a result, by offering financial support, this scholarship increases access to higher education and gives students the tools they need to succeed at the University of the Philippines, Manila.


The Philippines offers a stellar education system at an attractive cost, further enhanced by various scholarships. Explore Filipino Scholarships such as university-specific awards, government programs like CHED and DOST, and international scholarship databases. Pursue fully-funded global opportunities or research grants. At last, remember to check university websites and contact relevant organizations for the latest details. Dedication and this guide make your Filipino scholarship dream a reality!

How can I apply for the CHED Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Foreign Students?

To apply for the CHED Undergraduate Scholarship, international students need to check the specific eligibility criteria on the CHED website, gather required documents such as transcripts and recommendation letters, and follow the application process outlined on the official site.

Are there any university-specific scholarships available for international students in the Philippines?

Yes, several universities in the Philippines, such as the University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila University, offer exclusive scholarships for international students. It’s advisable to visit their official websites for detailed information on available scholarships and application procedures.

What financial benefits do DOST scholarships offer for international students?

The DOST-SEI Scholarship provides comprehensive financial support, including coverage for tuition fees, a monthly allowance, health insurance, and book allowances, making it an excellent option for students pursuing STEM fields.

Which countries have government-funded scholarships for studying in the Philippines?

Some countries offer government-funded scholarships for their citizens to study abroad in the Philippines. For example, Pakistani students might be eligible for scholarships from the Pakistani government. Students should check with their home country’s education ministry or the Philippine embassy for more details.

What are the most prestigious scholarships in the Philippines for international students?

The CHED Scholarship Program is one of the most prestigious scholarships in Filipino Scholarships, offering significant opportunities for international students to pursue higher education in various fields.

What grades are required to be eligible for scholarships in the Philippines?

While requirements vary, most scholarships demand excellent academic standing, particularly in relevant courses. Check the specific criteria on the scholarship providers’ websites for detailed information.