Beyond Borders: Global Scholarship Guide for Filipino Students

Have you ever considered pursuing your education overseas but feel that money is a barrier? Filipino students, do not be alarmed! One can unlock the world of international scholarships with the help of this guide. We'll investigate global scholarships and the opportunities the Philippine government provides (CHED).
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Have you ever considered pursuing your education overseas but feel that money is a barrier? Filipino students, do not be alarmed! One can unlock the world of international government scholarships with the help of this guide. We’ll investigate global scholarships and the opportunities the Philippine government provides (CHED). We’ll explore several options to make your graduate education a reality, including need-based help. So, prepare for academic greatness by packing your luggage! Let’s search for the ideal scholarship to introduce you to international education.

Global Scholarships for Philippines’ Students

Your goals for the Philippines don’t have to end at the border! This article will introduce you to global scholarships extending beyond regional initiatives. So, prepare to discover the world of academic possibilities!

CHED Merit Scholarships

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The CHED Merit Scholarship is for Filipino students needing financial assistance to attend college. You must have outstanding grades—at least 93% for certain scholarship kinds, 96% for others—and be a senior in high school or a recent graduate to be eligible. Also, the income of your family must be below a particular threshold. On the other hand, applying for the scholarship is possible if you fit these qualifications, and it may pay for all or part of your education expenses.


The Philippine government offers financial help, notably the CHED ESGP-PA scholarship, to economically disadvantaged students. The “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program” (4Ps), which helps low-income households, is the program’s target audience for students.

Furthermore, you must be a citizen of the Philippines and enroll in a course at a State University or College (SUC) that aligns with government goals to be eligible. Having a high school degree, being under thirty, and being physically and intellectually healthy are further requirements. Most significantly, public universities will only award you with a scholarship.

In addition, you can get up to 60,000 pesos annually to aid with study-related expenditures if you ensure selection. This scholarship attempts to increase impoverished students’ access to higher education.

CHED-Tulong Dunong Program

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The government-funded CHED-Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program, or TDP, assists deserving Filipino students with college education. It provides financial aid to students enrolled in any college or institution nationwide that CHED has approved.

In addition, you must be a recent high school graduate, a college student, or a pass-holder of the Philippine Educational Placement Test or Alternative Learning System. Moreover, science, technology, engineering, and math are the primary focus, while other courses are also acceptable. Most importantly, though, you must be Filipino, perform well academically (at least 80% on average), and have financial difficulties in your household. This scholarship significantly reduces the economic burden of attending college!

K to 12 Transition Program Scholarships

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The K to 12 Transition Program Scholarships, known as CHED, are offered by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education to assist educators in improving their credentials. Although this program is no longer actively giving out scholarships, it has historical significance.

Moreover, teachers pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in the Philippines might apply for financial help through this scheme. Subjects pertinent to the new K–12 curriculum were probably given priority. Teachers received scholarships in exchange for serving in the government for a predetermined amount of time following graduation.

Student Financial Assistance Programs

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Student financial support programs are akin to grants or savings to assist with college costs. Scholarships and need-based aid are the two primary categories. Academic excellence, athletic

prowess, or community service are the usual reasons for scholarship awards. Applying may require you to submit an essay or provide documentation of your grades and test results.

Your family’s income determines the amount of need-based help. Typically, you will fill out a form with questions regarding your savings and income. Your eligibility for financial aid will be assessed using this information. Several programs are available, so looking into what you could qualify for is worthwhile.

Scholarships for Graduate Studies

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Many scholarships are available to help fund your graduate studies in the Philippines! These scholarships can cover a variety of fields, from science and engineering to teaching and medicine.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll typically need to qualify:

  • Filipino citizen (for some scholarships)
  • Within a specific age range (usually under 50 for Masters and under 40 for PhD)
  • Have an excellent academic record (often a high GPA is required)
  • Be in good health and good moral character

The specific requirements will vary depending on the scholarship provider. Some scholarships are for particular fields of study, while others are more general. Government agencies and universities also offer scholarships to their employees or students.


Are you considering upgrading your studies in the Philippines? Don’t allow concerns about money to stop you! Your one-stop resource for global scholarships is this page. We’ll explain the various government programs (CHED), look at need-based assistance choices, and let you know what’s usually required to be eligible. Irrespective of your level of experience, there exists a scholarship program that can assist you in reaching your educational objectives.

What are global scholarships, and how can Filipino students apply for them?

Global scholarships are financial aid programs provided by international organizations, universities, and governments to support students from different countries, including the Philippines. Filipino students can apply by researching eligible scholarships, preparing necessary documents (like academic records, essays, and recommendation letters), and submitting their applications through the respective scholarship portals.

What is the CHED Merit Scholarship, and who is eligible?

The CHED Merit Scholarship is an academic award given to Filipino students with outstanding academic performance. To be eligible, students must have a minimum general average of 93% for some types of scholarships and 96% for others. Applicants must also meet income requirements and be senior high school graduates or recent graduates.

Can financially disadvantaged students apply for CHED ESGP-PA?

Yes, the CHED ESGP-PA is specifically designed for economically disadvantaged students who are beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). Applicants must be Filipino citizens, under 30 years old, and physically and mentally fit. They should also be enrolled in state universities or colleges (SUCs) aligned with government priorities.

Are there scholarships available for graduate studies in the Philippines?

Yes, numerous scholarships are available for graduate studies in the Philippines, including those offered by government agencies, universities, and private organizations. Eligibility criteria typically include being a Filipino citizen, having a high GPA, being in good health, and possessing good moral character.

What are the benefits of obtaining a global scholarship?

Obtaining a global scholarship can provide numerous benefits, including covering tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs, and providing opportunities to study at prestigious international institutions. It also enhances a student’s resume, provides networking opportunities, and broadens cultural and academic horizons.

Are there scholarships specifically for certain fields of study?

Many scholarships are available for specific fields of study, such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), medicine, education, and the arts. These scholarships often aim to encourage students to pursue careers in these fields and contribute to the sector’s development.

Can students apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, students are encouraged to apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously to increase their chances of receiving financial aid. However, they should carefully read each scholarship’s terms and conditions, as some may have restrictions on holding multiple awards concurrently.